Nicholas Conway (he/him) is an artist, graphic designer, and writer. He has been working with Adobe Photoshop for over fifteen years, initially for personal projects and expanding into professionally commissioned work in 2021. He enjoys illustrating, hand lettering, and an artistic challenge! He is inspired by nature, fantasy, and the beauty in human diversity. 
Nicholas takes custom commissions! He does graphic art, logos, flyers, posters, social media graphics, book covers, illustrations, performance art backdrops/props, and more!
Contact Nicholas for business inquiries here!​​​​​​​
His Personal Story
For more than a decade of his early adult life, Nicholas experienced a kind of living death as a homebound and partially bed-ridden chronic illness survivor. After many years of inner healing work, Nicholas made the choice at age 35 to transition and live as his authentic self. This decision had an unprecedented miraculous side effect that changed his life forever. Within the first few weeks of coming out his illness began to melt away! In just a month an a half he rose from the ashes of his previous health struggles to a full and complete recovery! Nicholas now joyfully lives out his dream of a healthy and vibrant life creating art, volunteering for the local LGBTQ+ community, and celebrating his precious time on Earth with chosen family and friends.